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GM lives! - From Hrvatska to "Santa Fé" (1 v 11 s)


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A few scenes from a non-railfan trip last week to the Croatian islands at Zagreb, Perkovic and Split, of course going both ways behind GM diesel on the Ogulin - Perkovic - Split line.

On return from Croatia I caught a NOHAB GM special from Germany to Kosovo at Traiskirchen Aspangbahn station near Vienna, one of the last stations with old infrastructure in Austria, featuring MY 1125 in "Santa Fé" design. Usually wearing the "STRABAG" (a road- and since more recently rail construction company) logo, the writing has been especially altered to "Santa Fé" for this trip.



The video link:




A few of the pics with GM locos:


2062-109 with B 1204 "Adria" Budapest - Split departing Perkovic on the morning of 15/8, we rode inside the MÁV-sleeping coach behind the loco



ZS through coaches from Beograd



Panorama of Split station with waiting P 5508, bus- and ferry terminal, after climbing the campanile, 20/8



P 5508 to Perkovic back on ground level, once more 2062-056, one of my standard HZ locos (for example it pulled us from Cakovec to Lendava in June)



An hour later, 2062-029 has finished shunting the auto car for B 1822 to Zagreb and Jadran Express to Prague. We were accomodated inside the only sleeping coach, CD, at the rear of the long train



After arrival next morning at Zagreb with one hour delay (only due to a "cleverly" planned crossing with freight at Zrmanja - resulting in a horn concert by our driver :D ) I caught 2044-010 departing towards Kotoriba



Arrived at home, taken a short breath, then by Schnellbahn and bike to Traiskirchen Aspangbahn.

The "lonesome cowboy" appears at the horizon



First, an overtaking passenger train had to be waited for






Pushing back for a photo run into the station



And finally contuing towards Kosovo, stopping at Sopron that evening




Vise slke, i od otoka, cu jos doci... :evil:



Up-to-date na Twitteru: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info

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Odlicne slike, a narocito mi se dopadaju one snimane iz nivoa jedne sine s odsjajem farova. Izvrsno.



Najpametniji čovjek na svijetu je onaj koji je izmislio WC školjku. Nikom nije uzeo mjeru, a svima odgovara.

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