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  1. Rudi


  2. How to find a photo of old station Celebici?
  3. Yes! Thanks. Can you find photos of locomotives on the beach?
  4. I tried to find a photo of the old station Celebici (narrow gauge railway - northern side of Narenta). After searching and searching I only found article about standard gauge railway Sarajevo - Ploce http://photogalerija.com/?p=10269 which included standard gauge railway Vinkovci - Brcko http://photogalerija.com/?p=10215 and narrow gauge railway Zavidovici - Kusace http://photogalerija.com/?p=10362 Are there topics where I can post these links? Also, is there topic where I can ask something about country (where is tunnel), gauge (standard or narrow) and lokomotive, at 19:41 min on this movie? I see on the map, the dam is on the river Drina (border between two countries) Also, is there topic where I can ask for the purpose of narrow gauge railroad on this beach, on the northern side of river Sava? http://www.navodi.com/2015/01/beogradske-price-seoba-sa-savskog-kupalista
  5. On timetable Sarajevo - Gravosa (1912.) between Konjica and Lisicici is written "Strazarnica 7" http://photogalerija.com/?m=20150625 On the map nr. 34958 (1940.) between Konjica and Lisicici is signed "Celebic" http://www.crazygallery.info.leechlink.net/geographie.ipt.univ-paris8.fr.html I am sure "Strazarnica 7" and "Celebic" was situated almost on the same place. Between that station and village Celebic was bridge over the river Narenta.
  6. Document (railroad graphics) posted on 23. August 2010 is not good http://www.zeljeznice.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7715-grafikoni We need to find older one. I cannot find relevant railroad graphics where is written Zuglici. I saw on one map Zuglici was between Ostrozac and Rama and in my opinion, house on station Zuglici had different windows than house on movie. So, I think Zuglici is not candidate. About Celebici: There is station Celebic on this map http://geographie.ipt.univ-paris8.fr/rubriks/carto/cartorub/cartes/cartesnum/34959.jpg
  7. My opinions about the movie. At 10:45 and 14:45 - gauge 600 mm, locomotives are different types. At 32:01 - gauge 760 mm, I see: "JDZ T94600"
  8. Thanks mister for answer. My opinions about the movie. At 1:50 I see two bridges, over Neretvica and over Narenta. It means, the tran moves through Ostrozac (dirrection from Lisicici to Rama). At 7:15 - Ostrozac. At 7:31 - Lisicici. At 10:57 - There is written name of the station but I cannot read letters. If we would not able to find old photos of Lisicici or Celebici, maybe railroad graphics for Konjica - Jablanica old route can help.
  9. Please for the name of destroyed village Thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQCiDf6AStY
  10. I wish everyone a very happy new year! I found this movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKlDifJ9Zgs If I see well locos and on 10:45 min, 14:45 min and 31:45 min, are different types? What about gauge? Rudolf Mainz, Germany
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