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  1. Hey! I've just read somewhere, that this year might be the last for the serie 1061 because of the modernisation of the Rijeka line. Is it really true? Do they really plan to change the voltage before the end of 2012? If yes, what is planned? I've never seen them before (still my name is 1061-001.. ) and I would like to. At least once. If they stay until next summer, I will watch them then.
  2. 1061-001

    Lička pruga

    Hello! Do you have any maps about the station tracks on the Split-Perkovic line?
  3. 1061-001


    Hi! Is there anybody, who know this add-on and maybe have it? How can I download/order it?
  4. 1061-001

    hz 2061 msts pomoć

    Hey! Welcome in the forum! If you need the 661 and 2 061 for MSTS write me a private message! Pozdrav iz Mađarske!
  5. Good picture, thanks! I hope, that I can hear that wonderful Leslie horn personally too
  6. 2062-038 moves now near Split almost every day. I hope, that I'll have the chance for making a video about her 2062-001 is also in that area but goes to Šibenik too. Perković would be the great place for photography and video Thanks for the informations!
  7. Hey! I have a short question about the good old Ličankas: is there any of them left with the classical green colour and the original horn? From 2009 there is a videon on youtube, on which we can see a green loco, the 2062-038, and as far as I see, it is now in the Split region, where I want to go. So is it (or any other) still green?
  8. 1061-001

    Lička pruga

    So the same experience Thanks for commenting, I will try do do my best in praying for a nice catch
  9. 1061-001

    Lička pruga

    I have one more question to those, who live in that region: how often can a freight train go on shcedule? I was looking after the answer on the net by typing the train numbers and looking their actual timetable, but there is one for example, which normally goes to Solin freight station, but on the 25th July stopped in Labin Dalmatinski. Can I trust the timetable about freights or how can I get a right information about them? Last year I was waiting for a freight in the morning, but it didn't came. With an hour plus came one, but with a totally different composition than normal. Oh and one more thing: do these freights go daily or random? Which have a bigger chance: see more of them on weekdays or weekends? Thanks in advance!
  10. 1061-001

    Lička pruga

    Ok thanks. I know, that it's not the time for the 2012 timetable, but I'm happy to hear, that I will be able to find it there. Thanks once more!
  11. 1061-001

    Lička pruga

    Yeah, can be Yeeeeehaw, thanks, many many thanks dude! Last year I got a pack only with the 2 grafs I needed so I thought, that only some people have those secrets I didn't know, that it is non-stop downloadable from the zeljeznice.net page One more question than: if I save the download page, can I find the grafs for 2012 if it is ready? It would be great, because I would not need to ask all years Thanks once more! Greetings! 1061-001
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