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  1. Odlicne fotke! Hvala lijepa!! Pozdrav, Thomas
  2. Really interesting pics! Thank you very much! One question: are in Unesic still the old signals or are there new light-signals now? Puno pozdravi iz njemacke, Thomas
  3. Thank you very much for your nice comments! Sretan Bozic i Novu godinu!
  4. As shown in the thread "from Gospic to Split in the cab" I have had a very nice one week trip to Croatia in April 2007. So let me share some impressions with you My first location was Rijeka. I arrived there by plane and spent one night there. Sure, my first way was to the railway station... A very often shown motiv, but nevertheless nice... In the evening of the next day I continued the trip by ferry to Dubrovnik. My home for the next 20 hours - the M/V "Marko Polo" In the next morning we crossed some islands ...before we arrived in Dubrovnik - the M/S "MSC Armonia" leaving the harbour But this afternoon I didn't want to stay in Dubrovnik - I immediately entered the Bus to Ploce because I had to catch the train to Zagreb in the next early morning to meet Toma. Two hours later, I arrived in Ploce. A lot of concrete everywhere... View from my hotel balcony My hotel was no ***** accomodation but absolutely ok. There was a very nice and friendly staff especially in the hotel-restaurant! Station Ploce in the evening I had to leave the hotel very early in the morning, because at 6:20 my train to Zagreb left. I can show only one pic because the light in morning was very difficult and in Sarajevo the train was VERY full... There was one more or less funny situation in Zenica - there was a crowd of football fans (or hooligans) and they wanted to enter the train to reach the stadium some stations later. But even if they all had tickets, the staff of the train and the police blocked the doors of the train because it really was full. So the hooligans blocked the tracks..... half an hour of discussions later the staff came to the conclusion that there is place enough even in the smallest hut, and so we continued the journey like fishes in a can... But it was a good party on board... Lots of singing and drinking.. Somewhere in Bosnia The next day I had my trip from Zagreb to Split. But these pics you can see in another thread Later in the week I was back in Zagreb meeting with Toma again. We made a whole-day trip in the area of Moravice and to the northern Part of the Lika-Line. We left Zagreb very early in the morning and the first station was Moravice. then we continued to Brod Moravice and made a longer stop on a nice hill. We left this area and went into northern Lika. Plaski When we left Plaski, Toma said that he knows a very small station somewhere behind Plaski in the forest... Maybe we could find the way... Well, some trials and errors later we found and after a very steep way crossing a meadow and climbing up a hill we heavily hyperventilating arrived at Plavca Draga. Unbelievable that this is a regular stop... I imagine old ladies carrying large bags up there... unbelievable.. To catch a good pic, we had some crazy ideas... Where is Toma??? Maybe he can post a pic from his position. The view from my position was this: We met the engineers of the train in Licka Jesenica. They were absolutely shocked when they saw us waiting in Plavca Draga. They absolutely could't i imagine, how we reached this station... (well...hyperventilating... ) Now, Licka Jesenica was waiting.... Now it was time to start the way home. But not without some stops... In the middle of nowhere... ...where you could find some signs of the younger history.... ..but also very fine views... Another stop in Plaski, because of the evening time and the clouds the pics are not so good.... Finally we stopped in Ogulin and this pic was published in german magazine "Auto Bild" - in Croatia it is "Auto Blic", I think First I thought the number on the car is a joke.... So a very nice day ends and on the next day my plane departs from Zagreb to Cologne. Thanks a lot to Toma and I hope to come back to Croatia next year again!
  5. In spring 2007 I had have the big luck to - with the help of a friend from zagreb - enjoy a cab-ride in the ICN-train on the section from Gospic to Split. In Zagreb Gl. Kol my friend asked the driver if he allows me to stay a littlebitt in the cab and after answering the question if I have a ticket, it was no problem. On the contrary, the driver was happy about my visit because he expected to have somebody to talk with. Ok, he neither talked german nor english and my croatian is far away from being perfect (so please excuse me writing in english - i feel safer ), but our conversation using croatian language was surprisingly running quite good! We made an appointment to meet in the cab in Gospic. I didn't want to be too importunately and my intention was to stay maybe just half an hour in the cab. Ok, I left the cab in Split . When I told to the driver that my special interest is the Lika-Line, he asked me why I didn´t visit him earlier in Ostarije or so... Well, the ride was unforgettable for me and I enjoyed, as in the whole week I was in croatia this spring, an unbelievable hospitality. A sprecial thank to my friend (a member here ) and to the driver! I don´t publish the driver´s name and the exact date of my trip because I don´t want that he - maybe - could get some troubles. So let´s start inside 7123-012 -Evo idemo u 7123-012 Crossing with delayed ICN in Medak - Krizanje ICN-a prema Zagreb (u Medku) Direction Gracac, on the right side the old track - Izmedu Gospica i Gracaca, desno je stara trasa Lovinac Gracac Malovan Zrmanja Plavno Mislio sam da "sume od znaci" samo su u Njemackoj... Padene Knin Kosovo Unesic Perkovic Labin Depo Split Tunnel "Split" - Ulaz u tunel "Split" Arrival! Now I had to say goodbye and with the invitation for another cab-ride when I am in Croatia the next time, I left. Puno puno hvala!!!
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