Dragi forumaši zeljeznice.net, budući da je od 27.11.2019. omogućen upload fotografija na forum, molim vas da koristite isključivo forum za upload fotografija, kako bi izbjegli probleme s nestankom fotografija, koje smo imali u prošlosti. Upute za postavljanje fotografija se nalaze na ovoj poveznici.


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  2. Dear Croatian (rail)friends, sorry for our minister of foreign affairs and our politicians... Hope, you get your Ličanka back soon! (but, it would be great if it remained in Hungary, around lake Balaton, for example... Best regards from Hungary!
  3. Novi vozni red u internet stanicu HŽ-a: http://www.hzpp.hr/novi-vozni-red-2013-2014
  4. Will the new "vozni red" be available in book-format this year, or only in PDF? (Sorry for English, learning Croatian is in progress , you can answer in Croatian!)
  5. Dear Friends! I have some information, that on 04.03.2010. an electric locomotive type 1014 (Sissi) of ÖBB (Austria) will come to Budapest Ferencváros, and railwaymen of ®RS (®eljeznice Republike Srpske) will inspect it, in order to buy some of this type for ®RS. By ÖBB this locomotive series is out of order. If you know more information on this case, please tell me! Hvala! Pozdrav iz Budimpeąta: GMarc
  6. Dear Friends! On the internet site of ®FBH under the timetable information ("izvod iz reda voľnje") there are 3 new passenger trains between Bihać and Martin Brod, but there is no information if these trains are operating or not. I think at least at the end of heating season (grejna sezona) they will begin to operate, but I need certain information on that, because if they operate, I will go down to Bihać to travel and to take photos of them in the Una-valley. In the timetable season 2008-09 there was a pair of trains signed on this line (in the croatian timetable, with the sign "not operating yet"), from Bihać to Split via Knin, but these trains did not operate at all. Now in the timetable of ®FBH are these trains: BIHAĆ 8351 lokalni BIHAĆ-MARTIN BROD 6:59 BIHAĆ 8353 lokalni BIHAĆ-MARTIN BROD 12:11 BIHAĆ 8355 lokalni BIHAĆ-MARTIN BROD 16:42 If you have some information about these local trains, please tell me. Best regards from Hungary (Mađarska): gmarc
  7. Mađarska: http://iemig.mav-trakcio.hu/
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